Celtic Claddagh Pendant

Celtic Claddagh Pendant


History of the Claddagh

In the early 16th century an Irish man by the name of Richard Joyce was fishing off the coast of Galway a week before he was to be married when his currach (boat) capsized. Richard was captured by pirates, taken to West Africa and sold into slavery to a Moorish goldsmith.

Years passed and Richard escaped captivity and returned home to Ireland to find that the girl he loved had never married. Richard shaped a unique ring for the girl he left behind. The ring was fashioned of three symbols; the hands signifying Friendship, holding a heart signifying love, topped with a crown for loyalty. Richard and his love married and settled in the village of Claddagh.

The village no longer exists but since those early days the Claddagh ring has been worn as a sign of Love, Loyalty and Friendship.

Product Information:

Made from 100% Sterling Silver
Rhodium plated for lasting shine
Exclusively designed in Ireland
Comes in an attractive gift box

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Sterling Siver


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