Celtic Cross Silver Pendant

Celtic Cross Silver Pendant


Celtic Cross Sterling Silver Pendant.

925 Sterling Silver Hallmarked.

Heathergems are unique, and the colors vary WIDELY. No two pieces will be exactly the same. Dye colors used in Heathergems are teal, purple, green, red, blue and yellow. The piece you receive may be any combination of these.

Handcrafted in Scotland.

Dimensions: 30L x 21W mm

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Heathergems are handmade in Scotland from natural heather stems. These stems are dried, shotblasted to remove the bark, and dyed using natural dyes in various colors. Stems of different colors are then mixed together and compressed into a block. Eighty tons of pressure is required to press the block of stems together. The block is then cut into slices and individual pieces are cut, shaped and filled by craftworkers before giving them the final lacquered finish.


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