Hello again, internet! March is wrapping up, and we have yet another important day in Celtic culture coming up! (It’s like we want to party or something, huh.) Anyways, with April comes Scotland’s time to shine. Originally started in recognition of Scottish independence in 1320, it’s become the day for Scottish pride. Across the U.S. there will be parades, music, and tens of thousands of yards of tartan fabric will grace the streets. Here’s the NYC Tartan Day Parade from a few years ago! We hope you’ll celebrate your love for Scotland with us this April! We’re sending out a special thank you to ourRead More →

Hello from Pixie Treasures! This post is mostly to have something on the blog page, I’ll be honest. But all of us here at the store would like to thank you for taking the time to click through our website while we’re putting it together. We have a lot planned! For now though, festival season is upon us, and we are so busy. Check our events page to see where you can find us! We also have a super fun promotion going on in the store. From now until the 7th, we have our Shamrock Savings Spinner at the register. From the 8th through theRead More →